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Sulphur Springs Family Support Service is an initiative to strengthen families and children’s success in school through education, support and community building, utilizing principles and strategies that shift practice from an emphasis on risks to one that builds on strengths and resiliency.

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Family Team Conferencing (FTC) is a solution-focused method that draws on the families past success in solving problems, determines circumstances when the family is currently able to solve the problem and develops the family’s vision for a preferred future.

The Family Team Conferencing model was developed by Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group and is defined as “a gathering of family members, friends, members of the family’s faith community and professionals who will join together to jointly develop individualized plans to strengthen family capacity, to assure safety, and stability and to build natural supports that will sustain the family over time.

The Family Team - Families need help in times of crisis, so they draw together people whom they trust and who can help in responding to the issues they face. Almost everyone can identify a time when they formed a team, sometimes involving professional helpers, to meet a specific need. Likewise, most people who have drawn a team around them are willing to become contributors to such a team or circle of friends.

Bringing together a team will contribute a variety of benefits to family and efficacy of program services:

  • Providing families a means to address issues that impact their children’s and family’s well-being
  • Strengthen families abilities to problem solve, understand and navigate resources
  • Increasing parental protective factors
  • Increasing the likelihood of matching the appropriate services to needs
  • Increasing the variety of options for solutions for families
  • Increasing parental capacity to overcome barriers
  • Creating a network of natural supports that will sustain the families over time

What happens at a Family Team Conference?

  • The Family Team Conference, or family meeting will consist of the family, others who could offer support to the family, (i.e., extended family, friends, teachers, co-workers, pastors, neighbors), community resources, the professional making the referral, and the Community Facilitator as well as any others that the family wishes to be there.
  • The meeting will take place in a community location convenient to and comfortable for the family; often this will be the family home.
  • Using the strength-based Family Team Conferencing process, community facilitator will assist the family in identifying their strengths, their existing support systems and the identified needs. The family will develop an Action Plan that will map out connections to resources that will assist them during the reunification process.
  • Action Plan will identify which participants will be responsible for a specific area or role within the plan, and a time frame for accomplishing these tasks will be included in the plan. The Action Plan is used as a tool to involve the family in organizing, coordinating and empowering the change process.
  • Follow-up services will be provided for up to 90 days to assist the family in achieving their goals.

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Please note: When a referral is submitted, you will receive confirmation of receipt. This does not guarantee acceptance of the referral. You will be contacted regarding referral status.

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