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Criteria for Appropriate Referrals
for Family Support Meeting

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  1. The family must reside within the Sulphur Springs zip code area 33604 and have a minor child living in the home.  

  2. The referral source should be able to participate as a support at the Family meeting.

  3. The purpose must be to help the family engage and work with a system of their natural supports that will sustain them over time.

  4. The referral must be made to help match services/interventions to the unmet needs of the family as identified by the family and the referral source.

  5. Families must be available for the family support meeting face-to-face. 

  6. The referral source must disclose any safety issues or concerns that need to be considered prior to us visiting the home.

  7. Families are welcome to self-refer!

To make a referral go to:

  1. Scroll down page to Program Services
  2. Click on Sulphur Springs Family Support
  3. Scroll down page and Click on Make a Referral

Please note:
After submitting the referral, you will be directed to an acknowledgement screen and will receive a confirmation of receipt at the email address provided to us in the form. If you do not see this screen and do not receive an email, please give us a call at (813) 915-7101 or (813) 480-4740.

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