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In October 2011 Devereux Kids, in partnership with Kids Central, Inc. began a three year federal demonstration project with funding from the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, one of seven grants awarded. The purpose of the grant was to build up our experience in providing Family Team Conferencing (FTC), evaluate the efficacy of the model and achieve better outcomes for children and families by providing community training on the model for all potential participates and referral sources, utilizing the protective factors framework and providing families with follow-up services after the FTC process.  Devereux Kids role within the project is to co-coordinate the project with Kids Central staff, facilitate FTC in three of the five counties and provide the follow-up care with four Diversion Care Coordinators hired by Devereux. 

FGDM-EEE is an opportunity for families to voluntarily participate in a process that addresses their needs and builds on their strengths.  The purpose is to develop a plan that assures that families have the proper supports so that children can remain safely at home with their caregiver and the family is supported by their family network and others in their community.  The family works in partnership with professionals to develop a unique plan that builds on the realization that families know what is best for them and all families can succeed when helped in a caring and supportive way.

The FDGM-EEE Program uses a strength based Family Team Conferencing approach to address the strengths and needs of each family. The goal of the team process is to ensure the safety of children, ensure families have a voice in the planning process and to ensure families are supported and connected with community resources. The purpose of Family Team Conference is:

  • To ensure engagement of families with the focus on family strengths to help alleviate or eliminate barriers to success;
  • To focus on the safety and well-being of the child(ren);
  • To ensure the family drives the process in identifying strengths and needs;
  • To ensure the family has a voice and ownership of their plan;
  • To document and acknowledge the families strengths and accomplishments;
  • To identify community resources and natural supports to provide assistance to the family.
To develop a plan to assist the family in reaching successful outcomes of safety, permanency, and well-being.

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