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Devereux Florida - Dual Diagnosis Center

The Devereux Florida Dual Diagnosis Center provides treatment for children with symptoms of both mental illness and mental retardation (IQ's of 40 - 70). The center is a 24-hour residential treatment program for children ages 5-17. The focus of the Dual Diagnosis program is to provide children with supports, skills, and training to enable them to successfully step down into a less restrictive setting. Children admitted to the program display a wide range of symptoms and behaviors associated with both psychiatric disorders and developmental disabilities. This program has the capacity to serve 51 children.

Group Homes

Devereux Florida Developmental Disabilities Group Homes are six bed homes in community residential areas. These homes are designed for individuals who have moderate to severe behavior challenges and/or significant deficits in adaptive skills. The individuals served in the Group Homes range from age five through adulthood.

A behavior analytic approach is used to promote independence and teach choices. The mission of the Group Homes is to equip individuals with the skills they need to step-down into a more familial setting, such as a Family Care Home or return home with their natural families. While the environment is highly structured, it is conducive to community inclusion and allows the individuals to attend public schools.

The Developmental Disabilities Group Homes utilize an intensive behavioral treatment model that facilitates the acceptance of intellectually disabled individuals with severe behavior challenges. The treatment model requires frequent and advanced behavior analysis services provided by certified behavior analysts. Upon admission to the program, each person will have an individualized behavior program that consists of strategies to increase adaptive behavior and decrease or eliminate undesirable behavior.

All treatment is individualized, objective and measurable and is closely monitored by the treatment team which consists of the individual, families, Devereux staff, psychiatrists, etc. The program utilizes well-trained and highly competent staff, as treatment agents, to provide skills training in the areas of basic living, communication and socialization. The overarching goal for each individual will be to prepare him/her to function more independently in a less restrictive community setting such as Family Care or supported living.

Family Care

Devereux Florida Family Care provides children and adults who are diagnosed with an Intellectual/Developmental Disability an opportunity to reside in a family environment. The goal of the program is to provide clients with the support they need to live in the least restrictive setting possible a family home as opposed to residential treatment and group homes.

Upon admission into the Family Care Program, each client receives a functional assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, a behavior program is developed with strategies to decrease targeted behaviors, and develop replacement skills in the areas of basic living, household management, communication, socialization, community integration and other areas. Individual goals are set and progress is monitored throughout the treatment process.

This program is then implemented in the home daily by the Family Care Parents, who are supervised and monitored weekly by a Certified Associate Behavior Analyst and/or Behavior Specialist. Family Care Parents are licensed foster parents who receive intensive training in Behavior Analysis, Medication Administration, Crisis Prevention and Intervention, CPR/First Aid, Zero Tolerance, AIDS/HIV, Choice Theory and Personal Outcome Training and Age Specific Training.

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