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Devereux Nurse Saves Patient's Right Arm

As Devereux Florida celebrated Nurse Appreciation Week this May, team members throughout the region reflected on the success stories of these heroes among us. One such hero is Devereux Florida nurse Andrea Sabdull, whose professionalism and expertise saved a patient's right arm.

It began when Andrea's patient "Jane" awoke one morning last month complaining of a strange pain in her right arm. Carefully attending to Jane's condition, Andrea noted that the girl's arm was cool to touch. Not wasting any time, the nurse assessed her patient for capillary refill time (CRT) – or the time needed for the color to return to her skin after releasing pressure.

Working together with nurse Ricky Compasso, Andrea checked for radial and brachial pulse, but could find neither. When she was also unable to obtain a blood pressure reading in the arm, Andrea called 911. But she didn't get the reaction she anticipated from the first responders.

"When the EMTs first arrived, they seemed to blow Andrea off," remembers Ricky. "They said they found a pulse, but we knew that wasn't right."

Asserting her nursing skill and care for the patient, Andrea insisted the EMTs use electronic devices to show the pulse and blood pressure readings. Unable to do so, the EMTs realized their mistake and immediately transported Jane to the hospital.

"If this patient hadn't had Andrea there to be her advocate, she would have been in a life threatening situation," says Valeri Buddington, Devereux Florida nursing services coordinator.

After further assessment at the hospital, Jane underwent bi-pass surgery for brachial and axillary artery clots, which had completely blocked the blood flow to her right arm. Her doctors agreed that if she hadn't received timely treatment, Jane would have lost her arm. With Andrea's care, she has made a complete recovery.

"Thanks to nurse Andrea's quick thinking, this child did not lose her arm to amputation and had no permanent neurologic damage," says Dr. Manal Durgin, Devereux Florida medical director.


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