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Abuse & Neglect Prevention Services

Devereux Florida offers a wide array of proven child abuse and neglect prevention, intervention and diversion programs such as Devereux Kids, case management, foster care, and family counseling services.  We operate a comprehensive network of clinical, therapeutic, educational, and prevention initiatives that positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals and families every year.  Using strengths-based approaches, our programs assist communities in building upon, coordinating and strengthening existing prevention efforts.  All programs involve parents and community residents in building skills to increase the safety and well-being of children, youth and families.

Child Advancement/Family Empowerment (CAFÉ) Program

The Devereux’s Child Advancement/Family Empowerment (CAFÉ) Program was created for the 32805 zip code area that struggles with pervasive poverty, illicit drug use and high crime rates. The focus of the program is to help make a preventive impact  by focusing on the well-being of children and families using the elementary schools as a point of access. Structurally the program has three components:

  • MENTORING: Trained and approved volunteers help children learn to recognize and respect the value for themselves in making good decisions and applying themselves in pursuit of an education. The CAFÉ Program has coordinated mentoring services in elementary and middle school campuses.
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Character development courses are offered to provide community residents with an opportunity to explore effective ways to address issues such as conflict resolution, character development, learn patience with themselves and others and to discuss strategies for maintaining personal health and safety. These courses focus on building family relationships and learning.
  • SUPPORTING STRONG FAMILIES: Events are held two to three times each program year during the evenings or weekends. The purpose of these events is to provide members of the community an opportunity to come together in a convenient and supportive place to discuss effective ways of confronting neighborhood violence/criminal activity, domestic violence and how to enhance the safety of their children.

Devereux Kids

Devereux Kids is a primary prevention and diversion program located in several communities throughout Florida. Believing that everyone has a part and every part makes a difference, Devereux Kids engages communities, strengthening families and protecting children through community learning programs, community facilitation, community involvement and advocacy.  People can have a positive impact on children and families just by knowing their neighbors, keeping their eyes and ears open and offering support and assistance to parents who are experiencing stressful situations. 

For more detailed information about Devereux Kids and the services this program offers, please click here.