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Devereux School Adopts a Devereux Delegates Program

dev delegates program 2011

Inspired by the success of another Devereux center in the nation, the Devereux Florida Viera School has adopted a Devereux Delegates program, to promote leadership and skill development among the students in attendance. Students were encouraged to apply to represent the school as a Devereux Delegate, and were given the option to select one or more of the following duties on the application; assist with tours, raise/lower the flag, participate in morning announcements, provide feedback about the point store, represent other students through our School Advisory Committee, meet with school administration to brainstorm ideas and concerns, and decorate bulletin boards. Nearly half of the student body applied, resulting in 42 applications, submitted from eager students who were proud to represent the Devereux School at the Viera Campus. The great news is that every one of these students will be given the chance be a Delegate and will engage in one or more of the responsibilities mentioned. T-shirts are even in the works for these motivated students! Some of the compelling reasons provided by the students who were asked why they wanted to be a Devereux Delegate are:

-- "cause I love my school"
-- "I would represent Devereux proudly and let people know how much Devereux has to offer"
-- "It will give me something to do in my spare time"
-- "I always wanted to be in the Army, so to be able to raise and lower the flag would be cool"
-- "Cuz I will do a willy good job with it"
-- "I will lower the price of items in the point store and get bigger stuff for it"

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