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Foster Kids in Florida are Safer Now

An Article from, Written by Joe Ruble

March 2010 Newsletter Caseworkers with the Department of Children and Families are using mobile computing devices to send their reports in real time back to the head office in Tallahasee.

"It gives me confidence in knowing that I'm able to be efficient and effective,"said caseworker Tavaris Downing, who works in Polk County.

The smartphones, digital cameras and laptops immediately record the latest information on the 18,500 kids in Florida's foster care system.

Pictures taken of the children are stamped with time, date and GPS location data.

It adds "an additional layer of integrity by ensuring every child is visited and their condition accurately documented," according to a release from the office of Governor Charlie Crist.

"They're actually a great asset to the child welfare system," Downing told WDBO.

DCF wants caseworkers to spend more time with the children and less on paperwork, by using this technology in the field.

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