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Thomas F. Donovan
Culture of Caring Award 2009

Thomas Donovan has served on the Devereux Foundation Board of Trustees since 1989.  During his tenure, Mr. Donovan has emphasized that treatment expertise and innovation must be an integral part of our environment of caring, and that a combination of clinical excellence and caring staff will produce the best outcomes for the individuals we serve.

To honor Mr. Donovan’s commitment to these principles, the Thomas F. Donovan Culture of Caring Award is presented annually to a direct care staff member from each Devereux Center.  The honor recognizes a staff member who exemplifies outstanding personal and professional service and a spirit of caring, and this years Devereux Florida recipient is Ernell Cook, Direct Care Professional and Lead Staff at the Tallahassee Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program.

Thomas Donovan

In this photo: Enrell Cook Direct Care Professional And Lead Staff

Lorriane Thomas, Program Coordinator, describes Ernell this way, “Ernell is responsible,dependable, and inspires hope for our children.  He demonstrates enthusiasm when performing his duties and maintains a positive attitude.  Ernell’s mere presence shows others that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He motivates his co-workers by role modeling respectful interactions and supports the team approach.  Ernell is known for his efficient de-escalation skills with high-risk youth, especially those who are resistant with treatment.  As a Lead Staff, he maintains professionalism, he works well with others, and he is a team player.  He solicits feedback and works toward self-improvement.  Furthermore, Ernell has a sense of self-confidence, which promotes a feeling of security and trust in the people, he works with and the individuals he serves.  Ernell demonstrates dedication to Devereux’s Mission and Vision.  He remains flexible with the children, offering choices among acceptable options.  He has the understanding of individuality, treating each child in a caring and humane way.  Ernell’s unique qualities exemplify assets that the Thomas Donovan “Culture of Caring” 
Congratulations from your colleagues at Devereux Florida, Ernell!
We are proud to be on your team!