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DESSA and Responsive Classroom
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DESSA and Steps to Respect

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Resilience Resources

Embrace the Future—Resiliency Resource Centre
Based in Victoria, Australia, Embrace the Future is an initiative by the Mental Health Foundation of Australia.  It focuses on educating school-aged children and their parents about resilience, and how they might build resilience on a personal level.  The Resiliency Resource Centre is a website dedicated with this end in mind, providing educational materials for kids and adults as well as helpful links to other resilience web sites. 


Based out of San Francisco, CA, WestEd is a non-profit organization that focuses on working with “education and other communities to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults.”  Through assessment, evaluation, and evidence-based intervention, WestEd works with schools in a broad sense, promoting competency and improvement in all subjects.  They employ an empowerment model, identifying student strengths and protective factors.


National Resilience Resource Center
Based out of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, The NRRC is devoted mainly to educating teachers and parents about how to foster resilience in children.  They teach that true resilience must happen from the inside out. The website provides a number of articles and short video clips.


Terrorism and Disaster Center
Based out of the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, The TDC mainly deals with helping children and adults prepare for and cope with traumatic experiences.  They provide Disaster Resilience Enhancement Training (DRET), which is a school-based psychoeducational curriculum for children from grades two through five.  The TDC has also produced the manual “Building Community Resilience in Children and Families.”


Raising Resilient Children Foundation
Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, The RRCF is dedicated to raising, supporting, and developing stress hardy children, and disseminating information to assist adults in doing so.  Based upon the work of Drs. Robert Brooks, Sam Goldstein and others, they offer articles on fostering resilience, a Resilienct Mindset Quiz for parents, and a variety of books, videos, and links to resources for parents and teachers.


Based at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, ResilienceNet provides a comprehensive world-wide source of current, reviewed information about human resilience with a focus on the resilience of children, youth, and families. They provide comprehensive bibliographies on resilience literature, a “Virtual Library” of select full-text articles, links to websites approved by a panel of experts (they list Devereux!), tips on promoting resilience, and information on resilience research, conferences, etc. 


Project Resilience
Based out of Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada, The Resilience Research Center, under the direction of Dr. Michael Ungar, studies how children, youth and families cope with adversity. The International Resilience Project (IRP) seeks to broaden our understanding of how resilience is conceptualized across cultures and contexts; currently validating a culturally sensitive measure of youth resilience, the Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM).  Negotiating Resilience is a qualitative exploration of how youth from five different countries cope with daily challenges.  Pathways to Resilience seeks to better understand how youth navigate between mandated services (child welfare, education, mental health, and youth justice) to successful outcomes. And, Stories of Transition explores factors informing career decisions among Canadian young people aged 23-30.


Search Institute
Based out of Minneapolis, MN, The Search Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities. The Search Institute Press has developed the 40 Developmental Assets, a framework of qualities, experiences, and relationships youth need to succeed. The website provides 40 Assets lists for different age groups, each with suggestions of how to take action to build the asset. The institute conducts resiliency research, and provides a variety of books, surveys, trainings, and other services, as well as a bibliographic database of resiliency research.


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