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DECA-C Webinar
Devereux Early Childhood InitiativeThank you for your interest in the DECA-C webinar. Hosted by the authors of the tool, this 60 minute presentation will provide an overview of the DECA-C, including information about how the DECA-C can be used in a variety of different settings. You will also hear comments and questions from people around the country who participated in the live event on May 3rd, 2006. We hope to find this webinar to be a helpful resource!

To start the webinar, please complete the form below. You may also download the notes pages of the webinar presentation as well as additional complimentary DECA-C resources via the links to your right.
  1. Internet Explorer is required for viewing the DECA-C Webinar.
  2. The polling questions mentioned in the webinar audio will not be viewable in this recorded version due to computer compatibility issues.
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