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DECA Program Protective Factor Kit

Devereux Early Childhood Protective Factor KitMore than a collection of creative lesson plan activities, The DECA Program Protective Factor Kit provides a framework for teachers to think comprehensively about the experiences provided to children every single day, with a focus on children's social and emotional health. Designed by teachers, FOR teachers, the Protective Factor Kit provides effective, easy-to-implement activities and materials that can be used everyday as an overall part of the daily program.

The DECA Protective Factor Kit focuses on strengthening children's protective factors (i.e., Initiative, Self-control, and Attachment) through five core program areas that the DECI refers to as SPADE: The Protective Factor Kit is designed not only to impact the attitudes and behaviors of children, but to significantly enrich the overall program as well.

For ordering information, please visit the Kaplan website at, key word "Protective Factor."
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