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DECA Program Kit

Devereux Early Childhood Initiative DECA Program Information Packet (pdf)

What is the DECA Program?

Ordering the DECA Program Kit

If you are interested in placing an order for the DECA Program Kit please visit the Kaplan Early Learning Company website. (Search keyword: DECA)

P.O. Box 609
1310 Lewisville-Clemmons Road
Lewisville, NC 27023-0609
(800) 334-2014 - Phone
(800) 452-7526 - Fax
What is included in the DECA Program Kit?

DECA Record Forms
The first empirical measure of behaviors related to resilience in preschoolers ages 2 to 5. The record form can be completed by parents and teachers in less than 10-minutes. The instrument has been standardized on a representative, nationwide sample of 2,000 children and meets Head Start and IDEA requirements for strength-based assessment. The DECA Profile is the form on which the DECA results are plotted and interpreted by parents and teachers.

Technical Manual
Provides research information related to the development and standardization of the DECA, including information about the reliability and validity of the instrument.

User's Guide
Provides and introduction and background information about the DECA as well as all the information necessary to administer, score and interpret the DECA results.

Classroom Strategies Guide
Provides developmentally appropriate strategies, linked to the DECA results, to foster children’s resilience. Strategies address the needs of both the whole class as well as the individual child and are organized by classroom environment, daily program, supportive interactions, activities and experiences, and partnerships with families. The guide emphasizes a team approach among professionals and family members to support the child’s social and emotional development.

For Now and Forever (a Guide for Families)*
Supporting Social and Emotional Development presents key strategies for use in the home setting. The strategies build on classroom strategies, thereby providing a coordinated, consistent experience for the child. The guide’s easy readability and respect for families’ cultural diversity make the guide family-friendly.

Observation Journal (a Planning Resource)
Provides both sample and reproducible copies of suggested forms for early childhood programs to support appropriate observation and planning for individual children and the classroom.
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