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The Devereux Early Childhood Initiative products for sale.

Devereux Early Childhood InitiativeDECA Program Protective Factor Kit >>
Activities and materials to promote preschooler's social-emotional health and resilience.

DECA Program Kit >>
The DECA Program promotes social and emotional well being and helps reduce behavioral concerns.

DECA Infant & Toddler Kit >>
The DECA-I/T is a standardized, norm-referenced, reliable and valid assessment of protective factors in infants and toddlers ages 1 month up to 36 months.

DECA-C Kit >>
DECA-C (Clinical) is designed to support early intervention efforts to reduce or eliminate significant emotional and behavioral concerns in preschool children.

e-DECA >>
View an on-line demonstration here!

FLIP IT® is a strategy that offers a simple, kind, strength-based, commonsense and effective four step process to address children's day to day challenging behaviors.

Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure >>
In our complex world, adults must help children develop the skills necessary to navigate successfully through life. By focusing on building social and emotional strength, we increase children’s resilience and prepare them to handle the challenges that come their way.

2012 Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice AwardWinner of the 2012 Learning® Magazine Teachers' Choice Award!

Facing the Challenge Video >>
Facing the Challenge is an instructional, interactive DVD that includes over two hours of training and documentary video designed to help teachers learn how to prevent children’s use of difficult behaviors and how to develop intervention strategies to work with children who use challenging behaviors to meet their needs.

Classroom Moments Video >>
Classroom Moments is an instructional, interactive DVD that includes 28 video clips of varying lengths captured in actual early childhood classrooms.

Building Your Bounce Adult Resilience Journal >>
The Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient You Adult Resilience Journal provides information on the importance of adult resilience along with strategies designed to promote adult resilience.

A key component of this journal includes the Devereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS), a 23 item checklist that provides adults a closer look at their personal strengths.

Songs of Resilience >>
Build Resilience in young children through music!

Dollar Store Video >>
The Dollar Store and Discipline Video©

FAQs >>
Devereux Early Childhood Assessment frequently asked questions.

Contact Us >>
For more information about the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment products, trainings & presentations.

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