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DECA Preschool Family Partnerships
Partnerships with families allow children to see the important adults in their lives working together to support their development. Children gain skills related to resilience through experiences at home and in the classroom. At home, they are exposed to family and cultural beliefs and values and they learn what behaviors their families consider to be appropriate. In classroom settings, they learn to live, work, play as members of a group. They adopt behaviors valued by their teachers and their peers.

When teachers and families build strong partnerships based on respect and trust, they can work together to provide continuity for children and promote their resilience. Each adult brings to the partnership a unique perspective and understanding about young children. The teacher's views reflect an understanding of child development, as well as knowledge of each child in the group. Families contribute in-depth information about their own children and their home activities and behaviors. Both perspectives are needed to successfully promote resilience.
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