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DECI Pre-Service and In-Service Professional Development Options

Starting to think about professional development planning for pre-service in the fall?  A DECI Certified Trainer can travel to your community and offer a wide variety of trainings that can excite, inspire, and educate staff in an effort to start the year off right.  Some of these training opportunities include:

DECA/DECA-IT Program Refresher Training – Customized to meet your program’s needs, this session can offer a review of the DECA/DECA-IT Program Implementation process or focus on a few areas that need more attention.

DECA/DECA-IT Program Planning Training – If your program has been trained on the DECA/DECA-IT Program and is looking for more support on using assessment results for planning, this training is for you!  This training focuses on using assessment results to plan for both groups and individual children.

DECA Program Strategies Training through use of the Protective Factor Kit – This training is designed for programs that have been using the DECA Program for preschool and are looking for new strategies that go beyond the Classroom Strategies Guide.  The Protective Factor Kit, sold by Kaplan Early Learning Company, contains a Teacher’s Manual, with over 50 new social/emotional building activities that can be incorporated into lesson plans.  In addition, the kit contains a number of items that can be used in the classroom to promote social/emotional development.  This training focuses on using these materials to enhance a program’s use of the DECA Program.

DECA/DECA-IT for Family Service Workers/Home Visitors – Looking to support home visiting staff with the tools to utilize the DECA/DECA-IT Program in their work with families?  This training can provide support for Family Service Workers and/or Home Visitors in understanding how to use aspects of the DECA program in their work.

Building Your Bounce: Promoting Caregiver Resilience – This training/workshop can provide an educational and inspirational start to the school year.  Using a new Adult Resilience Checklist and journal published by DECI, this workshop is a fun way for caregivers to recognize the importance of their own resilience and how it relates to their ability to provide quality care to the children they work with.  Get ready to reflect, laugh, and have fun!

Is your program using CSEFEL’s Pyramid Model?  DECI would be happy to address how the Pyramid Model and the DECA/DECA-IT Program can compliment one another in any of the above trainings.

Please note that many of these topics can also be presented by one of the DECI lead trainers in a Keynote format!  For more information, please contact Debi Mahler, Professional Development Coordinator at or (610) 574-6141.

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