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Devereux Early Childhood InitiativeCurrently in the DECA-I/T and Preschool DECA User's Guides there are measurement tables that allow users to track pre and post results when the same assessment form is used at time one and time two administration, but not across assessments. DECA-I/T and DECA users have inquired about measuring pre and post change across the assessments.

A validity study was completed between the DECA (LeBuffe & Naglieri, 1999) and the DECA-T, to test the convergence of the constructs on the two measures. These results were examined and all found to be statistically significant, as would be expected if there were convergence evidence. Thus, these findings provide evidence that DECA-T does measure protective factors similarly as when compared to the DECA. Furthermore, due to anchor and similar core items, albeit differing factor analytic structure, there is a level of confidence regarding convergence evidence of the DECA-I as well.

The Total PF scale is the most reliable index, and is the primary index used in program evaluations and research studies. Therefore until further research is completed across individual protective factor scales, it is possible to calculate the Total Protective Factor score progress when a child has a pre-test on one assessment form and a post-test on another form (due to age) using the tables below.
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