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FLIP IT® can be used in the classroom, on the playground, in the grocery store, in the car, at home, anywhere!

See below for a variety of resources to learn about and use FLIP IT!

FLIP IT: Transforming Challenging Behavior

2012 NAPPA Award Winner

DCRC is proud to announce that FLIP IT has won a 2012 National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Award!


Four supportive steps to help young children learn about their feelings, gain self-control, and reduce challenging behavior.

This informative book by Rachel Sperry, MSW, with the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, is designed to support all adults who interact with young children. This guide explains FLIP IT's four simple steps to transform challenging behavior in young children. Teachers and parents can help children learn about their feelings and gain self-control by using the mnemonic: Feelings, Limits, Inquiries, Prompts. Learn to FLIP IT with the practice pictures, reflection activities and real life stories inside. For pricing and availability, visit the website of our publisher, the Kaplan Early Learning Company​. To preview FLIP IT, click here.

FLIP IT Reminder Resources

FLIP IT reminder resources provide visual cues that help FLIP IT users practice the four steps of FLIP IT. The FLIP IT reminder resources include:

FLIP IT Poster

FLIP IT® Poster - The FLIP IT Poster highlights the four steps; F — Feelings, L — Limits, I — Inquiries, P — Prompts. It includes the definition for each step and sample lead-in phrases to provide a visual reminder of the FLIP IT steps for use in the classroom or home setting. The poster is in full color, 14×20 in size.

Cost: $15 for a set of 3 posters.

FLIP IT Pocket Card

FLIP IT® Pocket Card - The FLIP IT Pocket Card also highlights the four steps of FLIP IT. The card easily fits in a pocket, providing a convenient reminder for teachers and parents in any location! Cards are in full color.

Cost: $5 for a set of 20 pocket cards.

Practice Picture FLIP Book

Practice Picture FLIP Book - 25 challenging behavior photos to help you practice your FLIP IT responses. Sample FLIPS provided! Review and practice with the photos regularly to increase your speed and ensure that FLIP IT becomes second nature.

Cost: $5.50 per book.

To download on order form for FLIP IT® Resources, click here!

Literature Review

When FLIP IT was being developed, an extensive literature review was conducted to inform the final approach.  The literature review will provide confidence in the foundation of FLIP IT and provide answers to questions that users may have about the strategy and how it fits within the larger context of managing children’s challenging behavior.  Click here to view the literature review.

1-hour free introductory webinars on FLIP IT!

Join us for one of the free upcoming webinars on an introduction to FLIP IT, offered to you by the Author, Rachel Sperry!

  • Thursday, September 6, 2012, 1-2pm (East Coast Time) — To register, click here.
  • Friday, October 19, 2012, 1-2pm (East Coast Time) — To register, click here.
  • Friday, November 16, 2012, 1-2pm (East Coast Time) — To register, click here.

To view an archived recording of the 1-Hour FLIP IT webinar, click here.

To download a handout packet for the 1-Hour FLIP IT Webinar, click here.

Practice Pictures

The following photos show pictures of children engaging in a variety of challenging behaviors. Use these photos to see and practice how to FLIP® the child’s behavior. Remember, there are many possible ways to FLIP each scenario based on your interpretation of the photo. The sample responses are only one of several appropriate ways to respond to the situation. Check back often, as additional practice FLIPs will be added periodically!

Child is throwing and destroying toys...

Boy Destroying Toys

Feelings – “You are knocking down all the toys. You must be feeling pretty frustrated that the garage door wasn’t working.”

Limits – “We keep our things safe.”

Inquiries – “What can we do to help you with your broken toy?”

Prompts – “You are good with tools! Do you want to use my tool box and try to fix the toys?”

Practice Worksheet for Download: Child Throwing Toys

Now, you try!

Child is stuffing (stealing) a toy in his pocket...

Child Stealing A Toy

Feelings – “I see that you just put that car in your pocket. You love that car so much that you want to take it home with you.”

Limits – “You may take it home if you follow the rules and sign it out.”

Inquiries – “What do you need to do if you want to sign out that toy for the night?”

Prompts – “Can you ask me to get the sign out clipboard?”

Practice Worksheet for Download: Child Stealing Toy

Child is refusing to listen...

Child Refusing To Listen

Feelings – “I see you are pretending you can’t hear me. I wonder if you are feeling silly.”

Limits – “We use listening ears.”

Inquiries – “What can we do to help you listen?”

Prompts – “Could I call you on my special phone to tell you my message...ring ring.”

Practice Worksheet for Download: Child Refusing to Listen

Flyer on FLIP IT

Overview FLIP IT (English)
  • For a 1-page flyer that provides more information on FLIP IT in English:
    PDF Download PDF
  • For a 1-page flyer that provides more information on FLIP IT in Spanish:
    PDF Download PDF