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Transition Services

Work/Study Class prepares students for the world of work.  Students learn about career planning, workplace behavior and attitude, and responsibilities of workers and employers.  They also gain job searching skills, including completing applications and interviewing skills.

Volunteer Placements are geared toward students who would like to gain some experience in their career interest area but are not ready for competitive employment.

Supportive Work Placements are a service provided by some intermediate units to help students become competitively employed.  Students may receive assistance with work assessments, job development, and job coaching.

Competitive Work/Study is an IEP-driven service where students work in the community and earn credits toward graduation (one credit for every 150 hours of work).

The Day School On-Campus Work Program provides vocational and educational opportunities for students ages 14 and up.  Students may apply for positions as they are posted in the school, and will be required to obtain a working permit from their sending school district if hired.  Student workers are paid minimum wage and comply with all school and employment requirements.  This program helps prepare students to be competitively employed.

Training at Vocational/Technical Schools is available to eligible students through their Intermediate Units.  Vo-Tech programs prepare students for careers in specified fields, and acceptance is determined by the individual Vo-Tech.  The Transition Department will assist students with the application process, and the sending school district will provide transportation.

For students wishing to obtain Post-Secondary Education, support will be provided to investigate the training they will need to attain the career they desire, including acceptance criteria and financial aid eligibility.

Senior Projects are required to be completed by all academic seniors.  These projects are completed as a class and students earn credit toward graduation.