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Publication Supports the Efficacy of the Safe & Positive Approaches® Program

A study published in the journal, Residential Treatment For Children & Youth, examined the effectiveness of Devereux's Safe & Positive Approaches® (S&PA) training curricula in the reduction of injury and restraint. Several data points were collected including utilization rates of restrictive interventions, number of youth injuries, number of staff injuries, and whether the program/organization is a user or non-user of S&PA. The results demonstrated statistically significant differences between S&PA users and non-S&PA users in utilization rates of restrictive interventions, youth injury, staff injury as well as significant and positive correlations between restraint utilization and related injury.

Russell, M., Maher, C., Dorrell, M., Pitcher, C., Henderson, L. (2009). A Comparison Between Users and Non-users of Devereux's Safe and Positive Approaches® Training Curricula in the Reduction of Injury and Restraint. Residential Treatment For Children Youth. 26 (3) 209-220.