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Treatment Components

  • Intensive individual, group, and family therapy conducted by master’s level therapists
  • Accredited school program with small structured classrooms
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management completed by child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Milieu therapy focusing on creating a supportive peer culture and provision of positive behavioral supports
  • Applied behavior analysis and functional assessments
  • Recreational activities and independent living skills programming

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is generally provided 1-2 times per week by the child's clinician in accordance with the child's specific treatment needs. In addition to traditional therapy sessions, individual therapy may consist of in-vivo applications of coping and problem-solving skills, called guided practice. Guided practice has been shown to increase generalization of newly acquired skills. All individual therapy is conducted by master’s level, licensed or licensed-eligible clinicians under supervision.

Family Therapy

When serving the youth in our program, we also focus on the family. At Devereux Colorado, we use the broad definition of family. It may include a mother, father, foster family, guardian, or another significant adult in the child’s life. Focusing on the family is the cornerstone of our treatment as families play a vital role in the treatment of their child. Not only do we welcome parents and foster parents as participants in the treatment team, we seek their active involvement.

Family therapy is provided by the clinician one to two times per week in accordance with the child’s specific treatment needs. Family therapy aims to teach both the client and family skills not only to maintain gains made during treatment, but facilitate further improvement independent of therapy. A variety of approaches may be used to accomplish these goals, most common being structural, systemic, strategic, and behavioral parenting. By enhancing the family’s capacity to function as a healthy unit, it is hoped that further protective processes may be created. Critical attention and time is devoted to transferring programmatic successes to the home environment. This may be accomplished through support giving, information exchange, parent training, home passes with home work, and other similar services. Devereux Colorado utilizes phone conferencing, video phones, and video conferencing to conduct family therapy with out of state families. As discharge approaches, intensification of family services occurs.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is provided for all clients. The format and frequency of group therapy depends on the treatment needs of clients. A variety of group therapies are available, including intensive group psychotherapy, social skills training, sexual abuse survivors group, psycho educational groups, anger management groups, substance abuse groups, and community meetings.

Behavior Analysis

Devereux Colorado employs a master’s level Behavior Analyst that may conduct a functional assessment to identify and determine the function of challenging behaviors that place the youth at risk for a more restrictive placement. This assessment is based on the premise that challenging behaviors serve a specific function for the individual and reflect deficits in skills, that when taught, would remediate the challenging behaviors. After the function the challenging behavior serves is identified, an individual behavioral support plan is developed which emphasizes acquisition of adaptive skills that produce desired outcomes.

Monthly Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning Meeting

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of the child’s clinician, psychiatrist, unit staff, and teacher reviews each child’s treatment progress monthly. Families, probation officers and caseworkers are invited and encouraged to participate in these meetings. Other professionals involved in the child's treatment may also attend. Treatment goals are revised based on the child's progress in treatment.


Youth at Devereux Colorado attend an on campus school program that is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Students are provided six hours of school instruction per day and their progress is documented on transcripts, which are sent home to their school district. School is offered 12 months per year. Devereux Colorado employs teachers with a special education license, or teachers working toward their endorsement in special education. The academic curriculum at Devereux Colorado is developed in alliance with the model content standards and the local school districts’ grade level benchmarks in reading, writing, and mathematics. Reading, writing, and mathematics are considered to be the core academic subjects at Devereux Colorado, and 45 minutes of instruction time each day is dedicated to each of these core subjects. The remainder of each school day includes instruction in at least three elective subjects such as science, art, social studies, health, affective education, independent living skills, and therapeutic recreation. Due to the diversity of our student population, academic instruction is individualized much of the time. Lower intellectual functioning students who require instruction with a life skills focus have available to them a variety of life skills reading, writing, and mathematics materials. An individualized educational plan (IEP) is written for each student and support services such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy can be arranged for students. In addition to academic instruction, Devereux Colorado also employs educational diagnosticians and liaisons that serve to complete educational testing, IEP preparation, and facilitate a smooth transition to the youth’s home school district upon discharge. School psychologists also evaluate each child to screen for learning disabilities and to assess grade level.

Recreation Activities

Recreation activities are offered on a daily basis. Youth make full use of our playing fields, on-grounds gymnasium, and swimming pool. Activities may encompass physical education, swimming, field sports, and arts and crafts. Additionally, Devereux Colorado routinely invites community members to campus that offer a wide array of culturally diverse activities for our youth to enjoy. Youth also have an opportunity to participate in off-campus recreational activities.

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