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Quality Parenting Initiative

Devereux CBC participates in The Quality Parenting Initiative, one of Florida's approaches to strengthening foster care. Through the initiative, we are developing new strategies and practices that support our primary goal – that children have effective, loving parenting. The best way to achieve this goal is to enable the child's own parents to care for him or her. If that isn't possible, the system must ensure that the foster or relative family caring for the child provides the loving, committed, skilled care that the child needs, while working effectively with the system to reach the child's long term goals.

Key elements of the QPI process being implemented locally include:

  • Strengthening the relationship between foster parents and case management so that foster parents and case managers are treated as respected partners
  • Working with key community stakeholders to eliminate barriers that might limit the foster parent’s ability to make prudent decisions for the children in their home
  • Simplifying the relicensing process for foster parents
  • Identifying and resolving areas in need of improvement
  • Providing support and education to foster parents to guarantee placement stability and the best possible care for our children

QPI has been supported by the Eckerd Family Foundation, the Stuart Foundation, the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, the David B. Gold Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Key partners include Dr. Denise Goodman, the University of South Florida, Discover True North, the Human Elements, Jane Soltis and Elizabeth Richeda. 

For more information about this statewide initiative, visit or contact our QPI coordinator at (772) 528-0365 for a listing of standing QPI meetings.