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Policies & Procedures: Case Management

101 Service Philosophy

102 Acceptance of Eligible Children and Families for Case Management

103 Case Assignment

104 Accessing Information from the Child Protection Team

105 Case Supervision

106 Requirements for Response and Contact with Families

107 Times Frames for Service Delivery

108 Individualized Case Plan

109 Documentation

110 Case Manager's Ongoing Role in Meeting Case Plan Legal Requirements

111 Standards for Case Manager Supervision

112 Case Management Emergency On-Call Response

113 Diligent Search

114 Reunification and Post Placement Supervision

115 Concurrent Planning

116 Permanency and Administrative Staffing, Changes in Legal Case Plan Goal

117 Termination of Parental Rights

118 Expediting Permanency for Abandoned Infants

119 Case Termination and Transfer

121 Safety Planning

122 Guardians Ad Litem

123 Visitation between Children and Parent or Guardian

124 Rilya Wilson Act, Senate Bill 1318

125 Grandparents and Other Relatives Voice Act Grandparents Rights

126 Newborns or Other Children Expected in Households with Active Investigation or Ongoing Services

127 Long Term Caregiver Adoption

128 Education for Children in Shelter Care or Foster Care, Suspected of Having a Disability

129 Prevention and Placement of Child Victims and Aggressors Involved in Child on Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Seduction or Exploitation and Other High Risk Behaviors, in Substitute Care

130 Child Protection Team and the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

131 Reports and Services Involving Indian Children

132 Services to Refugee and Entrant Unaccompanied Minors

133 Special Needs and Accessibility

134 Access to Incarcerated Parents at County Jail

136 Legal Services

137 Emergency or Supplemental Funding Through the Caregiver Support Program

138 Case Transfer Process

139 Courtesy Supervision Timeframes

140 Transfer of Jurisdiction Between Circuits

141 Non-Judicial Services

142 Identification of Children

144 Cases Requiring Entry of Final Order

145 Homeschooling of Foster Children

146 Transition Planning for Children in Out of Home Care


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