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Russell Hamilton's address to caregivers

"I am privileged to be here among you tonight and to be given the opportunity to speak briefly on behalf of Devereux Community Based Care.

You will be happy to hear, I have been ordered to keep it short because I am holding up dinner and the night’s festivities.

And, just like your foster kids, I always follow orders!
Up to few years ago, I routinely worked 60 to 70 or more hours a week often six or seven days a week.

Many other board members likewise have worked long hours during their careers.

Therefore, we are particularly appreciative of someone who willingly volunteers to take on the task of 24/7/365 responsibility for the well-being and nurturing of the lives who will form the basis for the future of our country and world.

That, of course, is those of you who are foster parents in this room tonight.
In addition to this, many of you have provided additional support for our efforts to better serve the children of our communities.

Some of you have served as our ambassadors in the form of referring many of the 40 new foster homes that were licensed last year by Devereux Community Based Care and our child placing agencies.

Further, many of you have:
  • helped mentor new foster parents; or
  • assisted in coordination of meetings.
And, others have:
  • lead activities at foster parent association meetings; or
  • coordinated new resources and donations to share with other caregivers.
This, all in the name of building a stronger, tighter knit network of foster homes to serve our communities and their children.

On the way here tonight, in the sky there was a beautiful, perfect rainbow. And, from where I was viewing it, it looked like one end of that rainbow was coming down here. And, when I got here, I found the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow right here in this room and it is all of you foster parents here!

In sum, on behalf of myself and my fellow board members and all of Devereux Community Based Care, and, indeed, America, thank you so very much for giving so unselfishly of yourselves.

Before I close, I would also like to thank our partners in tonight's event:
  • Camelot Community Care;
  • Mount Bethel;
  • Place of Hope; and
  • 4Kids.

Now, enjoy your food and have a fun evening."


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May 20, 2016

Contact: Christina Kaiser
(772) 528-0362