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Upcoming Foster Parent Training Classes

Training is offered by several different agencies working to license foster homes for Devereux Community Based Care. Each has a slightly different process, beginning with a short orientation designed to help prospective foster parents make informed decisions about their readiness to proceed. Three of our Child Placing Agencies are ready to fill upcoming training classes. These classes are listed below:

Camelot Community Care

July 6 - Aug 17: Thursdays in Martin County
Aug 19 - Sept 16: Saturdays in Indian River County
Sept 19 - Nov 7: Tuesdays in St. Lucie County

If you are interested in reserving a spot in any of these classes, contact Delma Domingos at (772) 226-6235 to register for an orientation session. 

Place of Hope

July 15 - July 29: Saturdays in Martin County
Sept 16 - Sept 30: Saturdays in St. Lucie County
Oct 16 - Nov 20: Mondays in Martin County

These are 8-hour classes for 3 consecutive weeks. If you are interested in reserving a spot any of these classes, contact Jenni O’Neal at 561-775-7195 to register for an orientation session.

Mount Bethel Human Services

Jul 8 - Aug 5: Saturdays in Fort Pierce

This class being held in Fort Pierce. Contact our office to register for PIP Training: 772-252-4757.

Classes with locations throughout Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast will be offered throughout the year. Check back occasionally for updates.