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Families in Care

Prior to entering Devereux CBC’s system of care, an incident happened in your home or within your family that was identified by the Florida Department of Children and Families as making your child unsafe. The Florida Abuse Hotline was called and a Florida Department of Children and Families Protective Investigator responded to your home. The investigator completed an assessment on your family to help identify areas where you need support. Based on that information, the investigator decided that your family needed help and oversight by a case manager, a judge, or both, and referred you to Devereux CBC’s system of care for protective supervision. 

The case-transfer from the Department of Children and Families to Devereux CBC begins a process through which we work together to develop a case plan. You are a welcomed team member to this case-transfer process. Your family will be assigned to one of our dependency case managers, who will identify and coordinate resources for you and help you complete your case plan.