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Caregiver Support Programs

The Caregiver Support Program offers peer mentoring and support to caregivers of children who have been removed from their homes. The program is overseen by a caregiver support coordinator, who serves as a bridge between foster parents and the rest of the system.

Devereux CBC acknowledges and appreciates the difficult yet essential role that foster families have in the life of children. We diligently strive to maintain a healthy, respectful and positive partnership with foster parents. The mission to provide quality care and support is a shared philosophy and having the opportunity to provide this care and support to a child in need is an experience that should be as rewarding for the foster parent as it is for the child.

To assist and support in responding to caregiver needs, Devereux CBC has designated specific personnel to address those needs or elevate them should a resolution not be readily available.  Our Caregiver Support Coordinator is available to assist with the resolution of challenges and needs when a Foster Parent Mentor is not able to resolve the issue. 

A Devereux CBC representative attends all Foster Parent Association meetings to obtain information regarding the expressed difficulties and challenges of foster parenting.  Devereux CBC welcomes all information provided by the Foster Parent Associations as they are able to provide a wide spectrum of concerns as they relate to the different groups of foster parents and their respective communities.

Although Devereux CBC works in partnership with its foster families, a grievance procedure is in place to ensure that the foster parents feel that their concerns are validated and addressed.  In an instance in which a foster parent has a grievance, the resolution plan would begin within the licensing agency.  Should the foster parent be unable to reach resolution at that time, the Foster Parent Mentor should be contacted.  The Foster Parent Mentor, if unable to resolve the problem, should facilitate a conference with the Caregiver Support Coordinator.  Should resolution still not be reached, the Caregiver Support Coordinator should facilitate a conference with the Director of Program Services who is able to elevate any previously unresolved concerns to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Devereux CBC.