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Residential Treatment Center FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about our RTC

What is a child’s average length of stay?

Average length of stay is approximately three to six months; however, the length of stay varies depending on each youth’s individual diagnosis and needs.   

How do I find out about the waitlist and current bed availability?

You may contact our Admission’s Coordinator for current bed availability and possible waitlist at (480)443-5582 or email

How do I refer a child for treatment?

In order to refer a child for treatment, our admissions team will need the child’s referral packet.  To find out the necessary documents for a referral packet, please call our Admission’s Coordinator at 480-443-5582 or by emailing

Please note: If you are referring a child to our Tucson RTC, children must be enrolled in services with Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA). You can then work with your Comprehensive Service Provider (CSP) to assist you in referring your child to our program.

Does your Tucson RTC and your Phoenix (Maricopa County) RTC differ?

With the exception of our Culinary Program, our therapeutic services are the same.  However, our Phoenix Area RTC serves youth ages five to 17 and our Tucson RTC serves youth 12-17.  

How do I find out about your waitlist and bed availability?

Your CPSA CSP will advise you on this information. They will liaise between our programs and your child. They can advise you on our waitlist and bed availability.

I have collected everything and am ready to submit my referral, what happens next?

Referral packets can be faxed or scanned and emailed to the Admission’s Coordinator from the funder. The Devereux admissions team considers inclusionary/exclusionary criteria, presenting problems and the current environment in order to assess whether the referral will be approved or denied. Our Admission’s Coordinator will contact you with an acceptance or denial letter. Further follow up may be necessary.

Where can I get additional information?

Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our Phoenix Area or Tucson Area Residential Treatment Center by calling  (480) 998-2920 or by emailing