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Facility-Based Respite Activities

Devereux Arizona - Facility-Based Respite Activities

  • Off Campus Activities
    • Matinee Movies & Drive-in Movies
    • Public Pool/ Kiwanis Indoor Wave Pool / Tempe Town Lake Splash Playground
    • Bowling, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Miniature Golf, Laser Tag
    • Park: participating in various sporting activities, recreational use of playground, observing dog training, picnics
    • Community Activities: fairs, parades, cultural festivals, holiday celebrations,
    • Fine Arts Activities: musicals, symphony, plays, puppet shows
    • Professional Sporting Events: when possible and upon approval (i.e. Phoenix Suns, Diamond Backs, Coyotes, Road Runners).

  • On Campus Activities
    • Board Games, cards, puzzles
    • Movies (G & PG rating) & Clinically approved PG-13 movies (for clients 13-17 yrs of age).
    • Academic Activities: spelling bee, mathematical competitions, reading, creative writing, constructive building games (Lego’s, play-do)
    • Arts and Crafts: painting, drawing, designing and making beaded jewelry, coloring, paper lays, etc.
    • Recreational Activities on provided Devereux play area: Basketball, baseball, kickball, soccer, flag football
    • Rollerblading & skateboarding with approved protective wear
    • Swimming
    • Computer Activities: games, paint, Microsoft Word
    • Talent shows
    • Sunday Awards Assembly
    • World Culture Weekend (WCW) Last weekend of each month
      • We will explore the food, customs, dress, and music of different countries. Staff and clients will work all weekend to prepare a brief presentation about the chosen country to the group during our Sunday Awards Assembly. At the end of WCW clients will vote on which country will be explored for the next month.

  • Services Provided
    • On Campus Nursing Facility
    • Playground,10 acre playing field, tennis courts, basketball courts, pool, baseball field, soccer/football field

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