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Devereux Arizona Respite Program (Serving Phoenix & Tucson Areas)

About the program

Respite means temporary rest or relief. Devereux’s Respite Program serves children from birth to the age of 17, who are experiencing moderate emotional or behavioral difficulties. The goal of respite care is to successfully provide an interval of rest for clients and their primary caregivers without disruption or compromise to their home environments. Both forms of Devereux respite require a referral from the child’s behavioral health network.

How does Respite help families?

Respite care, may reduce the need of more intensive services and can help maintain the placement of the children in the home.

Family-based Respite

Our Family-based Respite Program takes place in the homes of Devereux licensed respite providers. Respite is provided to children from birth to the age of 17. Children are matched with respite providers who can best meet their individual needs. Respite providers take training to help meet that need and many have previous experience with children in behavioral health. Family-based respite can be available 24/7…

Facility-based Respite

Facility-based Respite is a fun, “camp-like” environment staffed by trained professionals who provide safe, yet entertaining activities for children and adolescents, ages 4 to 17.  This environment provides a positive and safe break for kids and their families, providing children with a variety of opportunities to participate in social, athletic and artistic activities.

Hours/Days of Operation

The Respite facility is open and staffed: Friday 3:00 p.m. - Sunday 6:00 p.m. (Extended hours during summer and school breaks; contact us for current schedule) 



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Need more information about Respite or how to become a Respite provider?

Use our online form or contact:

Phoenix Area Respite
Allen Young, Respite Program Manager
(480) 634-2028
(480) 368-4671 (fax)
Tucson Area Respite
Christian Ortiz, Respite Program Manager
(520) 433-4951 (Facility-based)
(520) 407-5985 (Family-based)
(520) 886-0489 (fax)