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Devereux Arizona Foster Care & Kinship

Children in the foster care system come from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Contrary to common stereotypes, children in the foster care system are not “bad” or “misfit.” They have been removed from their families and need a temporary safe and loving home until they can reunite with their caregivers, when possible. Typically, they have been placed into foster care due to abuse, abandonment, neglect, or parental illness. The state removes them for their own safety until their parents or caregivers demonstrate they can maintain a safe and healthy environment. If, and until foster children can be reunited with their families, foster families provide a safe and loving home. A temporary stay could be as brief as a few days, or last a few years, depending on each case.

What is known as Kinship Foster Care involves caregivers who are family members or adult friends with close personal ties to the children. Devereux needs foster parents willing to take children of all ages. Currently, the greatest need is for foster families willing to welcome sibling groups and teens.

Characteristics of a Devereux Foster Parent

Devereux foster parents are not perfect parents but they do have several things in common.  They have big hearts and lots of patience!  They know that they are making a difference in the lives of Arizona foster children, so they continue to open their hearts and their homes to babies, sibling groups, and teens. 

Some of our families have biological children, some do not.  Many of our foster parents work full-time and still manage to care for foster children.  Devereux welcomes individuals who are single, married, partnered, or cohabitating.   They are all incredible foster parents.  

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