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Autism Resources


National Organizations


Association for Science in Autism Treatment is a nonprofit organization that serves to improve the education, treatment, and care of individuals with autism. It provides book and article reviews as well as suggested reading materials.

Website: http://www.asatonline.org/

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has published numerous books about developmental disabilities and provides other information for teachers regarding individualized education plans (IEPs), and professional development.

Website: http://www.cec.sped.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home

National Autism Center acts as a clearinghouse for information about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and promotes best practices by offering resources to families and practitioners. The website includes information on best practices, model programs, success stories, and research links.

Website: http://www.nationalautismcenter.org/

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is a resource for families and professionals to find up to date information regarding research on diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, relevant public policy, and links related to educational materials for families and professionals.

Website: www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/asd.cfm

Organization for Autism Research focuses solely on applied research by funding research initiatives and disseminating evidence-based information. The website provides links to various resources for families, professionals, and education service providers.

Website: http://www.researchautism.org/


AutismWeb is a “parent’s guide to Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).” The website provides links to relevant legislation and teaching methods for children with autism and PDD.

Website: http://www.autismweb.com/

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is a professional organization that provides information about legislation related to special education for students with disabilities. The website contains links that discuss the current Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). The site also supplies other relevant links related to special education advocacy for students with disabilities.

Website: www.nasponline.org/advocacy/IDEAlinks.aspx

Community Advocacy and Support

Autism National Committee is dedicated to advocating for individuals with autism and their families through a positive approaches framework. Their website offers great insight into current research on autism. The website also has the Autism National Committee’s official position on several topics including inclusion classrooms and the use of restraints as well as a seasonal newsletter.

Website: www.autcom.org/index.html

Autism Online is an organization created by parents of a child with autism. Its mission is to connect parents and professionals by providing resources, support, and research information.

Website: http://www.autismonline.org/

Autism Society of America was created to improve the lives of all individuals affected by autism. One of their top goals is to provide the latest information regarding treatment, research, and advocacy. The website is also available in Spanish.

Website: http://www.autism-society.org/

Autism Speaks aims to unite the autism community to fund global biomedical research, raise public awareness, and advocate for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The website provides links to autism initiatives and grant projects, and community resources.

Website: http://www.autismspeaks.org/

Local Organizations


Connecticut Autism Spectrum Resource Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the ultimate goal of helping to raise public awareness about the everyday struggles that people with autism face. They hope to educate parents and professionals so that everyone will know how much people with autism have to offer in spite of this disability.

Website: http://www.ct-asrc.org/


Autism Delaware is a nonprofit organization that serves people and families affected by autism. It is distinguished by its programs geared towards adult as well as children with autism. The website includes links to work and recreation opportunities, resources, and current issues in the area of autism.

Website: http://www.delautism.org/


Autism and PDD Support Network provides resources and special education legislation for residents of the state of Florida.

Website: www.autism-pdd.net/links/florida.html
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) serves families and professionals in South Florida. CARD is a community based program that focuses on providing service providers, families, and agencies with knowledge and skills to support children and adults with autism.

Website: http://card-usf.fmhi.usf.edu/


Autism Special Education Legal Support Center provides training, technical assistance, and advocacy services to ensure that children with autism obtain equal education opportunities. This center began as a project of the Massachusetts Advocates for Children.

Website: www.massadvocates.org/autism-center.php

New Jersey

Autism New Jersey (NJ COSAC) is a nonprofit group that advocates, provides treatment services, family education, and research for individuals with autism and their families. The website provides links to public policy, age-related concerns, and resources for professionals.

Website: http://www.njcosac.org/

New York

Autism Society of America Central New York is one of several chapters in the state. They provide numerous resources including meetings and events that help raise awareness about Autism, new methods of treatment for autism, and community forums for families and professionals to discuss relevant topics.

Website: cnyasa.org/forums/index.php


ASCEND’s (Asperger Syndrome Alliance for Greater Philadelphia) mission is to raise public awareness, advocate for improved education, and provide support to the Asperger and autism community. This organization holds annual conferences, support group meetings for family members/caregivers, and speaker meetings.

Website: http://www.ascendgroup.org/

Autism Living and Working (ALAW) is a greater Philadelphia resource for people with autism and their families. Their mission is to “help adults with autism form and sustain households, hold jobs, and contribute to community life by providing individual supports and accommodations.” The website offers many links to current laws, upcoming events, information on autism, and assistance with autism concerns.

Website: http://www.autismlivingworking.org/

Autism Society of America Greater Philadelphia Chapter is a nonprofit organization that promotes access and opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum “to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education, and research related to autism.” This Greater Philadelphia Chapter serves Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. The group sponsors autism support groups, local meetings, and provides interested parties with grant opportunities. The website offers police and safety information for parents and individuals with autism, instructions on how to obtain ID cards, and premise alert request forms.

Website: http://www.asaphilly.org/
Phone Number: 610-358-5256

Parents Involved Network of Pennsylvania (PIN) provides information to parents who have questions about accessing mental health services for their child. This organization is a program of the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania Division of Child, Adolescent and Family Services provides families with resources in regards to the latest developments in the law and articles relating to parent-professional collaboration.

Website: http://www.pinofpa.org/
Phone Number:
Chester County 610-692-7134
Delaware County 610-713-9401
Montgomery County 610-279-8511
Philadelphia PIN Hotline 215-751-1800

Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services is connected to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW). It seeks to develop statewide standards in terms of autism diagnosis, assessment, training, and intervention. The website includes links to a variety of programs and services for individuals with autism, as well as relevant legislation.


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