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At Risk Children

DEVEREUX - At-Risk Children

Devereux provides services to at-risk children with serious emotional disturbances, their families, communities and schools.

Devereux Centers That Provide Services For Children:

Directions in Program Development Include:

  • Partnerships with other service providers
  • Therapeutic foster care
  • Parent training
  • Case management coordination of services in home, school and community
  • Day treatment
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Teaching family homes
  • Development of a full array of residential alternatives
  • Community education and advocacy


"Devereux is the cornerstone of our mental health program for children. Devereux is the only provider who asks,: 'What do you need?' then provides it." - Agency

"When I felt all hope was gone, Devereux helped me succeed. I never really cared until I found the mighty Devereux Rock." - Pre-Independent Resident

"I was taught self-control, coping and social skills. Good teachers made me aware that I have many qualities and talents. I love to write and there are so many thoughts I want to share. I've gained an appreciation of the guarantees and rights we have ... rights that apply to me as a handicapped individual." - Mapleton High School Graduate

"The many youngsters in central Florida whose lives have changed for the better are a testament to the quality of Devereux's services." - Agency

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