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Fundraising events generate nearly $20,000 for Devereux Arizona


More than 100 guests turned out for Devereux Arizona’s first-ever INDULGE Food and Wine event at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

Devereux Arizona’s second annual KidsROCK event in Tucson featured musical performances by more than 80 local youth.

KidsROCK raised more than $5,000 for the HOPE for Kids Fund to benefit Devereux Arizona’s foster families.

Two events benefitting Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona raised nearly $20,000 this fall for youth with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences, as well as those served by the center’s foster care programs. 

Eat, drink and play

More than 100 guests turned out in October for Devereux Arizona’s inaugural INDULGE Food and Wine event at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. Guests dined on local cuisine, sampled fine wines and participated in “play time,” which included exploring the museum’s one-of-a-kind, three-story climbing structure. 

Thanks to the generosity of both sponsors and attendees, the nonprofit raised more than $14,000, far exceeding its goal of $10,000. 

Let’s rock!

The second annual KidsROCK event in September, at the El Casino Ballroom in Tucson, featured musical performances by more than 80 local youth, ages five to 17. Ballet and tap dancers, guitar and mariachi players – and even a rock band – all entertained the crowd. 

KVOA-TV news anchor Sean Mooney served as the afternoon’s emcee. Besides the youth performances, an area cover band kicked off the 2 ½-hour event, while guests enjoyed food, raffles to win prizes and other activities.  

Devereux Arizona raised more than $5,000 for the HOPE for Kids Fund to benefit Devereux’s foster families, more than doubling last year’s proceeds.  

Celebrating success

“I want to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers and attendees for helping to make both of these events so successful,” said Devereux Arizona Executive Director Lane Barker. “We are thrilled with the outcome of our inaugural INDULGE Food and Wine event benefitting youth with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. Our second annual KidsROCK event also was a triumph. It was clear that every child who took the stage was excited to perform and wanted to be there to help our foster families.” 

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