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Showing Appreciation for our Foster Parents

Ed and Alice DeCosta are a phenomenal couple who have dedicated their lives to helping children in great need. After becoming witnesses to abuse in the 1980’s, they were inspired to help by making the decision to get licensed in 1990. Recently, the DeCosta couple was recognized in their community with an insightful article in their town newspaper, the Palm Coast Observer.  The article provided a detailed account of their start in becoming foster parents and conveys the compassion they share for these children.

Lisa Pompa, Devereux Service Center Director, reports the DeCasta’s have been licensed with Devereux since April 2007, when they moved to Florida full time and that Ed and Alice DeCosta are very warm, caring foster parents who have opened their home up to numerous children within Devereux programs. “They have the capacity to care for children with multiple behavioral issues; they do so with good humor and big hearts.  We (and Devereux children) are very lucky to have them!” reports Ms. Pompa.

Devereux expresses a warm thank you to the DeCostas!

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