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Weaver Falberg Fellowship Award

Devereux - Weaver Falberg Fellowship Award

Weaver E. Falberg

Even before Mr. Falberg joined Devereux's board in 1978, he worked tirelessly for the organization. When he retired as President of Inryco (a subsidiary of Inland Steel Industries), Mr. Falberg transferred his tremendous business acumen and talents to endeavors to benefit not only Devereux, but all people who have emotional and developmental needs.

Mr. Falberg served as Board Chairman from November 1983 to November 1989 and from March 1990 to November 1991. During that time, Devereux experienced unprecedented growth, including the development of two major centers -- in New York and Florida. Mr. Falberg also served as the first chairman of the highly successful "Campaign for Devereux."

During his board tenure, Mr. Falberg emphasized the importance of recognizing and enhancing leadership throughout Devereux and giving employees "the opportunity to grow." In 1989, Devereux's Board established the Weaver E. Falberg Leadership Promise Award, honoring the man who placed so much importance on developing leaders from within. Designed to acknowledge exemplary commitment to Devereux's mission, as well as outstanding leadership the award was presented to eight employees by Mr. Falberg himself. These men and women have had the opportunity, through a substantial tuition grant, to expand their education and training. In a group letter to Mrs. Falberg and her family, the Falberg Award winners observed, "Each of us will go forward knowing that we are better equipped to contribute because of the dedication and spirit of Mr. Falberg."

Weaver Falberg