Success Stories

Hope for the Future...

Josh was 14 when he came to Devereux's Treatment Center because of aggression and self-harm. At first, Josh needed extra close supervision due to swallowing objects such as batteries, running into traffic and punching himself in the face. The hope, though it seemed dim at first, was for Josh to go home to his foster father and eventually be adopted. Josh also dreamed of one day having a dog.

Traditional therapy was difficult for Josh, but walking during therapy worked well for him. Josh began to talk about his feelings and his hopes for the future on his "therapy walks." He also looked forward to participating in the Devereux Culinary Arts Program. We were thrilled to see that over time and with consistent interventions, like Positive Behavioral Support System and intensive therapy, Josh improved tremendously.

In time, Josh was able to go home with his foster dad who called us last month to say, "I just want to let you know that I adopted Josh today!" Along with the call came an email from Josh, with a picture of his new dog.

RTC Success

RTC success

At Devereux we help hundreds of children each year, but just as Helena Devereux said, “Every individual is a program," and it’s important to remember personal success stories. This is a letter sent out from one of our residential treatment center (RTC) clinicians last month (names have been changed to protect privacy).

Hello there! One of my clients, Billy, is discharging this morning. Usually I do not send out an email to everyone talking about discharges, but in this case I have a lot I want to say about it....

First - the work that has been done with Billy in the past couple months has profoundly changed his life. I would like to recognize every single person who has worked with him during this time. Each of you has helped Billy to become the person that he wants to be.

Second - I want to personally thank and share my gratitude for Jim, Paul, Chad, and Jacob. Billy has become deeply attached to the four of you and I hope you know how much you mean to him; for Billy, you are the fathers he has never had. For me, each one of you was there when I needed you to help out with Billy- I appreciate that more than you can possibly know.

Though I don't know what the future holds for Billy, to me he is a success story. He came to Devereux broken and hollowed out - the person who is leaving here today has been restored and given tools to make a successful life for himself. We gave Billy a chance, and everyone on campus is responsible for that.

Thank you all so much, it is an honor and a privilege to work with you.