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Will You See Me?
Watch Devereux’s newest film as it brings awareness to commercial sexual exploitation of children, the groundbreaking treatment Devereux is offering to survivors and the need for specialized foster parents in Florida.
Devereux Saved Me
Watch a Devereux film, showcasing the groundbreaking work Devereux is doing for children and teens in need of child welfare supports and acute psychiatric services.
Who We Help
Family engagement is one of the most important building blocks in successful treatments and outcomes.
Autism Success Story
Through the Devereux programs, Annie and her family are able to address the challenges of Autism.
Devereux changes lives and nurtures human potential. We inspire hope, ensure well-being, and promote meaningful life choices.

It's All about the Brain

Through your gift you contribute to our mission to help people of all abilities achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Ask Dr. Marilyn Benoit, Devereux Senior Vice President and Chief Medical and Clinical Officer, to name one of the most valuable tools in the treatment of patients, and you might be surprised to learn it is a simple 14 question survey. The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Survey, despite its existence for almost 20 years, has finally begun to infiltrate the mainstream of professional medicine, which, says Dr. Benoit, is to the benefit of not only patients, but society as a whole.

The ACE survey is a list of questions meant to tally the number of negative experiences a person endured during childhood, like abuse, neglect and abandonment, among others.

“I am proud that Devereux has already embraced what I see as the future of medicine. The legacy of the ACE Study will be that it helped change the way we understand the brain, improving public health for all people,” says Dr. Benoit.

"Devereux has positively changed my life."

News and Events

Staff and residents of Devereux California welcomed approximately 130 Microsoft employees to its campus in Goleta on the afternoon of Monday, January 25th.
Sometimes, people just need to know they were thought of, and flowers offer that gesture with a timeless stamp of sweetness.
Showcased by Chester County Department of Mental Health / Intellectual and Developmental Disability January 2016 Newsletter
Devereux Pennsylvania 2016 Annual Golf & Tennis Classic

Devereux Pennsylvania 2016 Annual Golf & Tennis Classic

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Enjoy a round golf at either Whitemarsh Valley Country Club or Philadelphia Cricket Club’s Militia Hill course or their newly restored Wissahickon course (home of the 2016 Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship, one of five PGA Champions Tour majors) - three of the top golf courses in the Philadelphia area.

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