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DECA-C (Clinical) Kit

Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical Individuals who are qualified to order, score, and interpret the DECA-C are referred to as Level-B users. When ordering through Kaplan, your user status will need to be verified by completing this qualifications form, and faxing to Kaplan with your DECA-C order.

DECA-C Information Packet (pdf)
DECA C Advanced Interpretation Tables (pdf)

What is the DECA-C Program?

DECA-C Webinar: A behavior rating scale that assesses protective factors and behavioral concerns in children 2-5.
Ordering the DECA-C Kit

If you are interested in placing an order for the DECA-C Kit please visit the Kaplan website. (Search keyword: DECA)

P.O. Box 609
1310 Lewisville-Clemmons Road
Lewisville, NC 27023-0609
(800) 334-2014 - Phone
(800) 452-7526 - Fax
What is included in the DECA-C Kit

DECA-C Manual
The DECA-C Manual provides information on the development and administration of the DECA-C, scoring and interpreting the tool, and using the DECA-C for assessment and planning purposes.

30 DECA-C protocols
The same form can be used by both parents and teachers. Scoring profiles are part of the protocols.

Norms Tables
Though the norms tables for parents and teachers are found on the assessment itself, the kit comes with large tables for ease of use.
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