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Theory »
The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) A Measure of Within-Child Protective Factors in Preschool Children

Assessment »
The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment or DECA is a nationally normed assessment of within-child protective factors in preschool children aged two to five.

Five Step System »
Based on resilience theory, this comprehensive system is made up of a 5-step system designed to support early childhood teachers, mental health professionals, and parents in their goal of helping children develop healthy social/emotional skills and reduce challenging behaviors.

Family Partnerships »
Partnerships with families allow children to see the important adults in their lives working together to support their development.

Activity Vault »
Coming Soon!

e-DECA »
The e-DECA is a web-based computer version of the DECA.

DECA-C (Clinical) is designed to support early intervention efforts to reduce or eliminate significant emotional and behavioral concerns in preschool children.

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Most recent training dates for the DECA Preschool program.

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FAQs »
Devereux Early Childhood Assessment frequently asked questions.

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