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Employment Services

The mission of the Employment Services Program is to provide a high-quality service that increases independence, fosters growth and improves quality of life through integrated employment opportunities. This program is designed for individuals 14 and older with any type of disability, including physical, intellectual or emotional. We are an approved service agency with the Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

What we offer

Pre-Vocational services - This service is designed to assess and prepare an individual for the most appropriate work setting, based on their needs and skill set. We utilize comprehensive soft skill and technical skill assessments, as well as community based situational assessments.

Job Development & Placement - Our employment specialists help individuals with the job search, which includes assisting them when filling out job applications, setting up and preparing for interviews. We also provide an on-site job analysis and consultation with employers. Our employment specialists will consult with the employer to make recommendations for more modifications or job carving if needed.

Job Coaching- Our coaches provide intensive training to assist the individual in learning the necessary skills associated with their job. This may include ongoing monitoring of an individual to ensure they maintain employment and helping to facilitate career growth. Travel training to/from the job site can also be provided.
For more information about the Employment Services Program, contact us directly at (303) 466-7391 or