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The Importance of Advocacy

We are bombarded on a daily basis by a bewildering array of news about legislative and policy issues that all compete for our attention. It is important that we all become informed about public policy and governmental issues which impact our lives and those of our families, as well as children and individuals who cannot speak for themselves. We can collectively make a difference. With Devereux’s history and expertise, we can help shape public policy in a positive direction.

Steps for Effective Advocacy

  • Stay informed on current issues and legislation.
  • Build relationships with legislators and policy makers.
  • Make contact (emails, faxes and phone calls are best).

To obtain your national, state and local representatives’ contact information, you may use the following link:

Maintain contact and follow up with a thank you note.

Ensure you have accurate statistics and information to back up your opinion.

Communicate your passion / message clearly and briefly.

“The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”
Albert Einstein

Alerts - State and National

Read Dr. Benoit's recently published letter to the New York Times' editor on what we must do as a nation to reduce children's psychological barriers to success. Dr. Benoit is Devereux's Chief Clinical Officer and Senior Vice President.  
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Support Dental Access for Individuals with Disabilities!
Poor oral hygiene, lack of preventative dental services, and side effects of medication causing dry mouths all contribute to an increased susceptibility to tooth decay in this population.

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