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Family engagement is one of the most important building blocks in successful treatments and outcomes.
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Autism Success Story
Autism advocate, Devereux parent and staff member, Amy Kelly, reflects on how far her incredible 13-year-old daughter, Annie, on the autism spectrum has come.
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health changes lives – by unlocking and nurturing human potential for people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences.

Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Supporting child survivors

Through your gift, you are contributing to our mission to unlock and nurture human potential in people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences.

Human Trafficking Awareness Month, observed in January, is dedicated to raising awareness of the underground world of sexual slavery and human trafficking. According to UNICEF, an estimated 21 million children, women and men are victims of trafficking and forced labor. Shockingly, this practice all too often involves children.

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Heath wants to shine a light on this issue by standing with the victims of this crisis and making the world a safer place for all children.

Devereux is the national provider of choice in supporting trafficked childhood victims on their path to healing, meeting their unique needs through trauma-informed, evidence-based clinical therapies, delivered in a compassionate and supportive environment.

"Devereux has positively changed my life."

News and Events

Olympic athletes are inspiring, uplifting and an example of what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Executive Director - Autism Services Todd Harris, Ph.D., explains why the cornerstones of athletic success are similar for individuals with autism.
At an end-of-year event sponsored by the Medical Executive Committee of the Florida Hospital System, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Florida was awarded a donation of $15,000.
Learn more about Devereux Arizona foster parents Sydni and Emery Engle - and their adoption journey - in this Arizona Daily Star article.

Devereux’s Hope Gala raises
more than $700,000 for children
and adults with special needs

What a fantastic evening! Devereux Pennsylvania’s annual Hope Gala was held in honor of the remarkable legacy of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health President and CEO Robert Q. Kreider, on the eve of his retirement. Bob’s leadership, insight and passion for the individuals we serve has transformed Devereux into one of the largest and most advanced behavioral healthcare nonprofit organizations in the country.