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Devereux Threshold Center for Autism

Devereux’s Threshold Center for Autism provides a continuum of services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Devereux is a nationally recognized provider of behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and child welfare services. Founded over 100 years ago, Devereux is considered one the oldest and broadest nonprofit providers of behavioral healthcare in the United States, supporting children and adults with autism so they may have a fulfilling, productive and socially connected lives. In January 2015, Devereux acquired the Threshold Center for Autism and continued a shared commitment to provide family-centered care for children, adolescents and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Located in Orlando, Devereux’s Threshold Center for Autism includes a 16-bed residential program, an on-site specialized school and an Adult Day Treatment (ADT) Program.

Therapeutic Residential Program

Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities are provided with a therapeutic living environment and comprehensive training and support so that they may build upon their strengths to achieve accomplishment and potential to ultimately transition to less-restrictive living environments.

Residents receive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Devereux, individuals are provided a multidisciplinary treatment team and a therapeutic environment that motivates each individual towards independence using positive approaches. Each client receives onsite behavioral analysis services, individual and family therapy, psychiatric and medication monitoring services, educational instruction at specialized school, and/or vocational instruction at the Adult Day Treatment Program.

Devereux Threshold Center for Autism School

While most children and adolescents achieve academic success in a traditional educational environment, some struggle with emotional, intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges, which require a more tailored learning environment. At Devereux, we understand that a proper education is the key in empowering children with intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges. The Devereux Threshold Center for Autism School firmly believes that all students have the ability to achieve academic success.

Since its opening in 1991, The Devereux Threshold Center for Autism School has been providing intensive individual and small group instruction to children and teens with autism and other related diagnoses. With Devereux’s acquisition of Threshold in January 2015, enhanced academic administration and teacher training programs have been implemented, while continuing the fundamental principles derived from Applied Behavior Analysis. The school program is designed to advance each student’s academic growth while improving behavioral skills.

Adult Day Treatment Program

The Devereux Threshold Center for Autism also operates a day program for adults with autism spectrum disorders. This day program is a continuation of services from the school program, where the fundamental principles of Applied Behavior Analysis is the primary support and instructional tool.

Services include community-based support and skill development in communications, social skills, self-care, work-readiness, vocational training, community-based employment experiences and instruction, service learning and volunteer activities.


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