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Devereux completed the acquisition of Threshold Center for Autism, a 36-bed program which includes a residential center, three group homes, a dental clinic, an adult day treatment program, and a specialty school that serves children, adolescents and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The Threshold Center for Autism has been an autism service provider in the Central Florida community for over forty years. The Threshold Center for Autism Board of Directors selected Devereux because of the organization’s strong fundamentals and efficacious history providing exceptional services to individuals across the nation.

This acquisition will strengthen an existing continuum of services and the commitment to continue the Threshold legacy through Devereux’s uncompromising care for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Devereux and the Threshold Center for Autism have worked in close collaboration to transition all Threshold operations, including the care of each individual currently in residence at Threshold, and the majority of Threshold employees to Devereux Florida effective January 1, 2015.

“We share an excitement for the future for the individuals and families directly involved and what this means to our community,” said Steven Murphy, executive director of Devereux Florida. “This presents a real opportunity to strengthen the services currently offered for individuals with autism and related disabilities.”