Devereux Florida - Devereux 100th Anniversary Celebration

Our Dream

This year marks the most significant milestone in Devereux’s history - our 100th Anniversary Nationally and our 25th Anniversary of serving children in the state of Florida.

This year, Devereux is celebrating one hundred consecutive years of advancing our individuals, our organization and the behavioral healthcare industry. The year will culminate with a Centennial Celebration to be held at the Brevard Zoo. The gala will honor Joseph and John Duda of A. Duda & Sons, Inc. and the quarter century of support they have provided to Devereux in Brevard County.

Funds raised at this celebration will help build a 21,000 square foot therapeutic, muti-purpose Wellness, Learning and Activity Center for children. The new Wellness Center will function as a centralized service location for the more than 750 Devereux children and families in Brevard County. In addition to much needed space for physical exercise, this newly renovated building will provide a central location for a variety of therapeutic, vocational, life-skills training, social and communal activities, all designed to enhance the current therapeutic programming for the children.

Plans for the Wellness, Learning and Activity Center include a gymnasium for physical activity and indoor sports. It will also include space for state-of-the-art physical and occupational therapy, a stage for theater productions and graduations and several activity rooms. The activity rooms will be used to accommodate vocational classes, exercise classes, dance classes, school socials and club meetings to help develop social skills.

Join the Devereux family in a grand celebration as we highlight Devereux’s rich history and celebrate our exciting future.

Campus Rendering

Campus RenderingCampus Wellness, Learning and
Activity Center Rendering