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Glenholme Graduation 2003

(Washington, CT)

Parents, faculty and friends gathered at Glenholme on Thursday, June 25th to re-invent a tradition after 23 years. Following a long break from its beginnings, the Devereux Glenholme School formally celebrated graduation. The Glenholme School was extremely proud to rejoice in the graduation of 16 of their students with all those in attendance. Thursday's ceremony encapsulated hints of the many goals and values that the Glenholme School instills. The gorgeous summer day provided a remarkable background for all of the graduates to be seen in one of their finest moments. Dressed in royal blue gowns, the graduates walked down the long brick sidewalk that parted their family and friends and took their seats where it was their time to shine.

Sitting in front of the audience, a sense of accomplishment and pride could be seen on the faces of all those being celebrated. The graduates have completed an intense program, one with many rules, expectations and involvement. They have set and achieved high goals, taken control of their actions, and have given back to the community in their own special ways. Throughout the ceremony, these same sixteen young adults displayed their anticipation in taking the next step.

Devereux Glenholme GraduationBefore formally introducing the Class of 2003, Ms. Campbell, Executive Administrator of the Glenholme School, addressed each student and acknowledged their personal achievements. Coupled with words of inspiration to carry throughout their futures, all graduates were urged to remember the challenges they have faced and the joy they felt when succeeding. As the students were introduced to their future, caps were tossed in the air, cheers arose from the crowd and sixteen graduates proudly walked together each seeking out their next quest.

This joyous day reminded all staff, parents and students of the power that lies within dedication and dreams and all 16 graduates; Alex, Andrea, Arcadia, Brett, Caity, Chris, Danny, Glynis, Jessica, Jordan, Kris, Nick, Patrick, Regis, Roxy, and Sean have demonstrated this without question.

Provided by: Devereux Glenholme (Connecticut)

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