Culture of Caring Award

Linda Peters, Program Supervisor, receives Culture of Caring Award.

Linda Peters portrait

Linda Peters serves as a Program Supervisor overseeing two community-based residences located in the lower central region of the Garden State. She performs her duties with warmth, concern, and compassion for the individuals and families that we serve. Linda is well known for being an employee who goes above and beyond the expectations of her role. Her teammates have been quoted as saying, “Linda puts the “Super” in Supervisor”.

It is clear to all her staff that Linda’s number one priority is the safety and welfare of the individual’s placed in our care. She has developed wonderful relationships with them and advocates in their best interest and well-being on a daily basis. She understands their individuality and consistently strives to come up with unique activities which could be tailored to meet each consumer’s particular needs.

In addition to being a mentor to co-workers, she inspires everyone around her with her dedication and commitment to Devereux’s mission. She extends herself to assist others wherever she is needed. She is always open to continued development and feedback from others, not only to increase her professional and personal skill sets, but to share with others. Parents, family members, and day program staff appreciate her “take charge” attitude and are confident that she will remain steadfast with a request or project until completion.

As a member of the management team, Linda is continually looking for ways to enrich the lives of our consumers and has proven to be an incredibly valuable member of the Devereux New Jersey team. Linda possesses the desired qualities and is very deserving of the 2013 Culture of Caring award!


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