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Team Members Honored for Years of Service to Devereux Florida

Twenty-three team members and their supervisors recognized at Annual Luncheon

Garten and Ahonkhai

L-R: Emily Garten, Director Family Counseling Center; Emmanuel Ahonkhai, Family Counseling Center Therapist

Devereux Florida honored team members for their years of service to the organization at our annual service awards banquet. Twenty-three team members and their supervisors came together to celebrate 15, 20 and 25 years of service with Devereux Florida in 2012.

Executive Director Steven Murphy, along with Assistant Executive Director Carol Deloach, hosted the celebration, which included lunch and welcoming Dr. John Duncan and Gina Lees into the “Silver Anniversary Club” for 25 years of service with the organization.

Team members honored for 20 years of services include Valerie Buddington, Roderick Coney, Laura Higginbotham, Mark Lang, Barry Lockenbach, Scott McAteer, Linda Trimm, Mary L. Wiggins and Lisa Ann Wofford.

Those honored for 15 years of service include Paul Acton, Emmanuel Ahonkhai, Donna Burlew, Roy Carter, Jeannette Ceballos, Elaine DeRiso, Margaret Farley, Rebekah Milla, Jacqueline Mims, Vilma Morales, Anthony Presnal and Michael Sweezey.

Murphy and Team Members

L-R; Steven J. Murphy, Executive Director Devereux Florida and the 15 year services award team members

Reidel and Milla

L-R; Kim Reidel, Viera Campus Program Director and Rebekah Milla, Supervisor


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