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This year, our Annual Open House and Anniversary Celebration were combined.

Thanks to the vision of a young Philadelphia school teacher - Helena Devereux, individuals living with mental, emotional and developmental disabilities no longer suffer in silence. They found hope and their place in the world as they develop their potential and live happier, healthier lives. This past year marked two significant milestones in Devereux’s history — our 100th Anniversary nationally and 25 years of providing services in Florida.

There was no better way to honor our founder, Helena T. Devereux, and celebrate Devereux’s enduring vision than to combine the Devereux School’s annual open house and our anniversary celebration.

The event was a great success. Over a 100 parents, guardians, funders, social workers and community members came out and showed their support. Participants were given tours of the school and were able to visit each classroom to meet the students, teachers and staff. Every teacher beamed with pride as they watched their excited students showcase their holiday themed book project. Their passion for educating and helping each child succeed in every aspect of their life was so evident.

The Devereux School is home to some of the best teachers, administration and support staff in the state. The average teacher
tenure is over 10 years. They work with students from all over the United States and other countries and work cooperatively
with over 40 school districts to meet their requirements to ensure every student is able to advance.


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