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Mobile Response Team Recognized by Local Firehouse

Devereux's Mobile Response Team provides rapid crisis intervention

The Mobile Response Team has served Brevard County since 2006 providing rapid on-site crisis intervention for families with children to avoid family disruption. The Mobile Response Team exhibits unsurpassed compassion and dedication to all the lives they have touched. This unique team is available 24/7 for families or children experiencing crisis situations which may include mental health issues, behavioral problems, domestic violence, death of parent or child and a host of other family crisis concerns. Members are generally deployed within fifteen minutes of a call to an unknown, high-stress and emotionally charged situation.

Devereux Florida’s dedication and compassion was exemplified when our Mobile Response Team was called on to help a family in crisis. Desperate for their two small daughters’ safety and shelter as a tropical storm loomed, a homeless couple attempted to surrender their children at a fire station in Cape Canaveral. The firefighters called several agencies for help, but since it was a holiday weekend, they were left with recorded messages and unanswered questions. Fortunately, they reached our Mobile Response Team and within a half hour, one of the team members was at the fire station assisting the family. Even though this team has never handled a situation quite like this, they felt they had to do something to keep this family together.

“Roles were reversed for myself and the crew at the firehouse - we called somebody for help,” expressed Jason Kennedy, fireman and paramedic at the Canaveral Fire Rescue. “As fireman, we show up to help people on the worst day of their lives whether it be fire, car accident or medical emergency. That day was surely one of the worst days of that family’s life
and the fireman called Devereux for help, and you all came through.”

Due to the quick thinking of the Mobile Response Team, the therapist was able to secure temporary safe housing for the whole family until they could arrange placement in a family member’s home. A family who would have been ripped apart due to unforeseen circumstances is now thriving because of Devereux Florida’s Mobile Response Team.


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